Review: Lush Santa’s Sack

This LUSH Santa’s Sack came out for the festive Christmas season and the design is so cute. Before reading the label, I hadn’t a clue what it was but maybe I didn’t explore my imagination enough. This is what age does to you, you see haha. 
It is a little pink sack, with two presents in it and some string to tie around it. This one product can be used three times at the two presents can easily slip out for baths on different occasions. Silly me plopped the whole bubble bar into the bath, but tipple the fun eh?
It is a bubble bar that creates softening bubbles with a lovely scent of sweetness. It contains Tonka bringing the fragrance smell of vanilla/ cinnamon, Neroli which I LOVE is known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system and Tagetes have have anti-septic properties:.
After trying this out, I could feel the oils moisturising my skin which I liked. The smell was also very pleasant and was surprising because my initial first impression was not that good. Just goes to show, don’t judge a bubble bar by its appearance!!!
The presents inside took quite a while to dissolve and were quite tough! Apart from that, I had a very luxurious bath considering using the whole bar like I said before. I could have got away with half. I do have sensitive skin but this product worked a treat. 

I know since receiving this from the #bbloggersxmas I should have blogged about it earlier but I felt the time was right to use it now. Candles lit, music playing, calmness about, it was lovely. Originally £4.15* per bar but LUSH currently has sale on so go grab a bargain 🙂

Have you tried ‘Santa’s Sack’?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I loove the santa's sac, it's so yummy!



  2. It sounds like it smells amazing, but £4.15 ? woah lush really put there prices up !


  3. It does, just feel to eat it like many lush products 🙂

  4. But most likely gone down in the sale now, if you can get your hands on it 🙂

  5. Hey, lovely blog there 🙂 I would love to.

    Hamida x

  6. It looks lovely and doesn't make your bath look like pee unlike some other lush products aha!

  7. I wish I'd gone to the lush sale! I love their bubble bars, they're so nice and I'd love to try this one!


  8. I really wish this was year round thing! It looks great, and I love it in my bath!

    Great post and review 🙂 x

  9. I love this sac. It looks cute. Wish I have one too. Anyway wish you a very happy new year. Hope to see uncommon posts from your blog for this year too.

  10. Oh I do love Lush, this is just the cutest thing. Currently I don't have a bath, just a shower, and I really miss having a bath bomb bath.
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  11. I got the santas sack bubble bar for Christmas but I still haven't used it but after your review I think I'm going to us it tonight, great review! x

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