Review: No.7 Skincare Treats

This year I really want to look after my skin, properly. This has not only been one of my personal resolutions, but many beauty bloggers aim to do the same thing. Near the end of last year, I just sorted out a good makeup routine that is actually doing well for my skin so far. I do get break outs still, but a lot less than before majorly when I am stressed though. 
When I saw this No.7 skincare treats set in boots at half price… £8, I just had to buy it!
It contains:
-Hot Cloth Cleanser
-Gentle Eye Make-u Remover
-Moisturising Day Cream
-Moisturising Night Cream
-Muslin Face Cloth

This is a perfect kit for giving yourself a luxury facial with a sufficient amount of product to last you for a month. They are not large sizes but after you have finished, you would have established if this is a product you would like to continue using. When you do decide what you want, you can use the Boots vouchers that are issued if you spend a certain amount on a single transaction. £3 off make-up and £5 off beauty.
First time using a cleanse and polish, and I loved it. The texture was one thing, but the effect it had on your face was so good. It removed all my makeup and it really helped by having the eye make-up remover as it does take a little more effort removing mascara.
I love the process but hate it when the warm cloth goes cold, don’t you? 
Overall, a very affordable way to kick start your skincare for 2013 which I have loved using and will continue to do so.

Have you tried out this Skincare Treats set?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Most of the skin care products come up with same results which give negative reactions. Rarely one or two products give good results. Will see what this product capable of?

  2. this sounds so lovely! I like the sound of it 🙂



  3. I suffer from sensitive skin and so far in the process of using it, I have not incurred any negative reactions which is good. It is still early days to assess whether this set is amazing or just got me through this month. If you had a negative reaction, please let me know. x



  4. You should try it x

  5. this set looks great, im really tempted to try the hot cloth cleanser !x


  6. I love love love No7 skin products, they're just so good for their price! I hope you get your skin care routine sorted, one of my resolutions too xx

  7. Seems like you have your own personal beauty salon and if we have a weekend without any "works" it would be the ideal one.

  8. I nearly got this but then I saw the S&G one instead. It sounds great!I'm in the market for a new night cream so I'd definitely be intressted in a full review sometime x

  9. I bought my mum one for Christmas and then when I saw them in the sale I picked it up for myself. So far I'm really liking it. Normally I react straight away if a product is no good for me and there's been no reaction so far, my skin isn't as dry and the night cream is delightful. x

  10. Your blog is amazing! I love using the beauty gift sets too 😀

    Nat from http://www.wahtshappneningnat.blogspot.com please follow!

  11. great bargain, I love little sets like these

  12. I have this same set! Love it – great cute little products

    Christina x

  13. i haven't tried this out, but it sure sounds amazing! 😀

    <3, Mimi

  14. such a bargain at half price x

  15. Gosh that's such a bargain! I'd love to try some of their products but somehoe never got around to it (I know!). Deffo have to check some of their products out after my spending ban aha xx

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