Review: Deborah Milano Lipstick

This review is of an Italian brand lipstick, Deborah Milano Lipstick #6. A couple of weeks ago my sister brought back an Italian brand nail polish from her ski trip and ever since then, I have been eager to try another Italian branded product. 
Someone must have been reading my mind because shortly after I got the chance to try out the DM Milano Red Lipstick in the shade 6. Before I go into what my thoughts are, I will tell you a little bit more about the brand.

Deborah Milano is considered as a leading name in the Italian cosmetics and skin care market and now they are branching across the pond to the UK market. Their new website features a number of make-up products and skin care cosmetics. 

The shade I got is from the Milano Red Lipstick collection is actually in fact a pink colour 06. I love me some pink lipstick so I couldn’t resist. The packaging is very light which gives it a cheap feel but the part which you twist is okay. The actual lipstick has the logo embedded on it which I absolutely love. It remind me of my Burberry lipstick which has a similar detail. The colour is a gorgeous light pink colour with leaves a lovely shine on the lips. On the lips, it is moisturising but the consistency can be a little patchy. It could be the fact it is very hydrating in a moist way rather than creamy with the hyaluronic acid. It doesn’t sit very even so I have to re-apply and blot so I have a good finish. Infused in the formula is ruby powder which helps to bring out the colour on the lips more. Having SPF 15 is also very useful for those summery days which I can’t wait for!

For £8.50* this is a decent lipstick that can be bought at Deborah Milano 🙂

Thanks for reading!!