Review: NEW Avon Colour Trend Fruit Balms

Juicy Raspberry / Lush Lemon / Orange Kiss

I have found that the Avon Colour Trend collection have really improved their appearance and quality of items over time. So I am excited to show you these new additions.
These new Fruity Lip Balms come in three juicy colours; 
Orange Kiss
Lush Lemon
Juicy Raspberry
Balms should be a staple in your summer handbag and even more enjoyable with their delicious flavors. Although they smell really edible, there are instructions warning that they are not edible.
I find that these balms are moisturising, not for the longest time, but for a short while which means I have to continuously top up throughout the day. They make your lips smell tutti-frutti!
Introductory price (each): 99p in BROCHURE 11
Normal price (each): £2.50
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