Review | L’Oreal Professionnel + Rowenta Salon Steampod Diamond Attraction

L’Oreal Professionnel Salon Steam Pod | Diamond Attraction Limited Edition*

I was so so SO excited to receive this exquisite piece of equipment at Christmas. I did make a ‘Christmas Wishlist’ ready to be published but did not post it because I had so many unnecessary things. Not unnecessary at the time but I went all out. This was on it!  I did mention it on numerous occasions, specifically after my visit to Cutting Room Creatives and the Manchester Mid Summer Meet, but I least expected it on Christmas day. Well done mum and dad!
Th first model of the L’Oreal Steampod was for professional use in hair salons which contained a large box for water. They then designed a home use version with a small box which is much more manageable for any one styling their hair at home. The original versions are black/grey. However this is the ‘Diamond Attraction’ Pink Limited Edition which is a beautiful hot pink colour. I LOVE it SO much!! I will tell you a bit more about it.
This steampod is chunky which I like. I probably will change my mind when I want to travel with it though.
The little pot is to be filled with water up to the MAX mark and this is used for the steam that will come out from the eight tiny holes for focused high pressure steam to the hair shaft. A common problem with hair straightening is drying out the hair, but the steam produced helps to deeply hydrate the hair follicles leaving a glossy finish.
When the device closes, steam is produced sounding just like an iron… steamy! The little pot has some suction pads at the bottle so it stays firm on a flat surface. It is best if you use a desk, or any hard surfaced platform. It will not stay in place on a stool, which I tried, or the carpet, which I also tried :s  
From the pictures above, you can see that when the hair is steamed, it is de-tangled with the attached comb and straightened by the ceramic straightening plate. It takes 3-4 seconds for the straightener so heat up and about 10 seconds for the steam to be ready. There are five temperature settings to pick from which means it can cater to many different hair types. The results are amazing. 
The whole product
Switched on!
L’Oreal Professionnel have a replenishing smoothing cream which aids perfectly smooth results. I have the ‘natural to slightly sensitised hair’ cream which I could have used for this demonstration but I think the two products above work just as well. I don’t put too much product on as the steam works wonders.
1- Avon Advance Techniques Heat Protection Spray
Prevents styling damage
2. Hask Argan Oil Hair Treatment
Adds Keratin for strength and smoothness
Even though there is a comb, it is best to brush through the hair first especially if you have thick hair or tight curls. Last thing you want is to break the comb. Spritz and add the smallest bit of oil to your hair. 
Then straighten your hair! You will notice there are arrows indicating the direction the gadget should move in which can be fiddly at first, but I am used to it now.

I am very impressed by the results. Managing your tresses with ease, it leaves a smooth and glossy finish to the hair. Very healthy looking and the actual straightening process is extremely quick and efficient. Don’t be fooled thinking it is a huge fuss to use. If you do have a lot of hair to go through, make sure to top up the water levels if it runs low.
I have used this on my extensions and natural Afro-Caribbean hair and think it is great for all hair types making styling so much easier. Whether you have coarse, thick hair or thin fine hair, this straightener can tame or add volumes.

This Steampod is available at:
Amazon UK
Look Fantastic
Tony and Guy

If you have tried this or like the sound of this, do let me know!

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