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Hi guys!
I thought I would share with you the contents of my bag, because since my last one things obviously change. I won’t fill your brain with the contents of my Uni bag right now as that is like delving into a whole new world of things. For now, these are the things I happened to be carrying around with me whilst running some errands.
These have to be amongst one of my favourite posts to read and videos to watch. If that makes me nosey for doing so and you nosey for reading then… so be it 🙂  I hope you like!

1) Bag

My bag is from the Zara sale which I love! My cousin experienced my Zara addiction over the past few weeks and I was so NOT ashamed haha. I was attracted to the dual coloured tones, burgundy and cream. It will go well with so much outfits I have as I just cannot get enough of burgundy all year round.

2) Purse

I featured this Bagable purse last year in my ‘cropped tartan‘ post and there I expressed how much I liked the bright orange colour and spacious features. It is ever so practical with the many compartments… all the better for receipts.

3) Mirror

In the Boot’s 70% sale off Christmas gifts, I treated myself to a mirror. When I say ‘treated’ it wasn’t that much of a treat but I just seem to loose my small compact mirrors. So I got another. It has a large diamond design on it and was only around £1!

4) Foundation

I often like to carry some makeup around in case I need to touch up but hate logging around a big makeup bag, so that is why I had this foundation which is MAC  Studio Sculpt in NC50. I do currently mix it with another foundation which is a bit more moisturising as I find this extremely thick for daily make up.

5) Mascara

I have heard so much about this mascara in the past so I was happy to get it from my mum in one of the Christmas Soap and Glory sets. ‘Thick + Fast’ mascara is so far just okay, but maybe I need to trial it for a little longer.

6) Portable Charger

This is a life saver to say the least and I would highly recommend it to you if you own an iphone or any electronic device. I bought this last year for my London travels and it worked a treat! I can get at least 5 full charges out of this charging port. It also will be extremely handy for when I attend London Fashion Week in a few weeks time. I am so excited to go and experience it first hand.
Here is the link I bought mine from but since then it has gone up by £10! It must be very popular!

7) iPhone 5

My best friend. It has everything on it and is a necessity. The case as you can see is really bling bling and is from Claire’s Accessories. I must say the pearls are dropping off like hot flies so I will be changing to my Disney Character case soon. My dad would always say “If your don’t have an iphone, well, you don’t have an iphone” before I got one. It meant I didn’t need one etc etc but I am so glad I have one now as I do everything on it! And… Publish…

8) 2014 Diary

To keep me organised for the busy year ahead! Last year it was a diary case filled with filofax refills but I thought I would down size and try something small and cuter. I bought this little gem from Boots.

9) Pen

To Scribble, scribble…

10) Spare Canon Battery

You don’t know how much you need this until you get one. I got this mainly because I am so lazy at recharging my battery when it dies, so now I am given plenty of time to re-charge one whilst the other is in use. You can get a similar one of these here.

11) Lady GaGa Fame Perfume

This perfume smells amazing and was a must in the Boots sale. It came with a bath gel… which also was jet black…ooo. This bottle is the 30ml as I prefer the size but might come to regret it later when I run out of it. I bought the 50ml for my mum as she kept sneaking mine haha.

12) Carmex

A staple for my bag. I have 3 variations of this same product, lip balm, lip stick and a gel. This is in the flavour cherry… yum. I bought three for £5 at the clothes show live which was a pretty good deal.

13) Blush

I love this compact and the colour pay off even though it is very inexpensive down under. I received it in a Christmas beauty swap last Christmas all the way from Australia. It does a great job at keeping those cheeks rosy LOL!

14) Naked Basics

Initially I thought I would hate this palette but I actually really like it, so much so it has become a bit of a staple for everyday makeup. Although I don’t use every single shade, the ones I do use are Naked 2 and Faint on the eye lid with Crave shaping the brows. Plus the compact mirror is so handy for on the go.

15) Whisper Lip Balm

This Colour Whisper lip balm is just so dreamy. Dreamy I tell you! It feels amazing on the lips, smells delicious and leaves a pretty sheen on the lips. This was also in a gift swap I did previously. The shade is 30 ‘pin up peach’ and worth searching up.

16) Car Keys

How else would I get my shopping on? Hehe. The key ring as a memento from my holidays to the Isle of Wight 2 years ago. It kind reminds me of Brighton beach huts though…

17) Earphones

I was lucky to receive these cute earphones from the gorgeous girls at Claire’s Accessories at their Christmas party. They haven’t left my ears, can you blame me? Look at the strawberry and cherry! CUTE!

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