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Hi guys!
I am no expert when it comes to balancing my time blogging and studying but I thought I would put together some tips of what I found extremely helpful when balancing my time between the two.

Well I for sure knows that blogging can sometimes get the better of me and that balance can sometimes be compared to a broken weighing scale. However, if sharing your common interests on the internet is just a hobby, I would advise you to not jeopardize your school work. Remind yourself that studying is only for a time and blogging can commence when you are ready. That being said, if you have the right balance and your time management skills are on point you should not have a problem 🙂

1) Prioritise

Set the order of your priorities with the most important coming first. Planning ahead is useful so I find it best to jot things down on paper so I don’t forget either the facts. Blog post ideas or references for research can be noted on pukka pads. These below are from Vikings which sell them for such a reasonable price!

2) Schedule
Sticking to a schedule can add some order into your life, and once you start it is hard to stop. I find it best to use a calender or diary for these purposes. On blogger you can schedule blog posts and you can do the same on Hootshoot for tweets. Such a life saver if you have a 9-5 job!

3) Tidy
Having a clear space to do all your work, thinking and editing can make the whole task stress free. Clear space = clear mind. This whole ‘tidy’ concept being a student might be unheard of, but it really does work. I find watching room tours on youtube give me the motivation to clear up, light a candle and get back into clear mode.

4) Time Management
Sticking to deadline are important, so giving yourself time limits help you keep on track. I set alarms on my phone sometimes when revising so I know when I should move onto the next top or have a break.

5) Colour
For as long as I know I have been a creative person so always made sure to my work was overly colourful. Colour coding text and even drawing illustrations can help you learn things and make information fun to remember. Sticky notes in their various colours fill my walls especially when I am revising or making notes to myself.

If chocolates won’t motivate you for posts or studying… I’m not sure what will?

6) Keep up with Social Media
Keeping up with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc can keep you in the know of what is happening in your area or the blogging community. This is where you can find out about interesting events or even sharing your posts with the world.

7) Photography days
Sometimes it is best to mainly studying in the week and leave the weekend for blogging stuff. I do this in terms of photography because as I am at placement or Uni full time, I hardly ever see day time! I feel like such a bat!! So the weekend is the time that I snap products or outfit pictures which look a lot better with natural lighting.

8) Apps on the go
Having a smart phone allows you to work on the go which is amazing. Free wifi can be found in most places now so having Bloglovin is great for catching up with fab blog daily reads.

9) Diaries
My diary used to be a lot bigger last year but I down-sized. I find this so much easier to carry around and keeping on top of events and deadlines. You can see what mine looks like in my ‘what’s in my handbag‘ post.

10) Files on Laptop
Sorting out files on your laptop in the relevant named files make sure you know exactly where to put OOTD’s, reviews and assignments. However, remember to back these up on a hard drive to prevent corruption or slow running of your laptops.

I hope these 10 facts were useful tips for you when balancing your time between blogging or studying. All the stationary above were kindly gifted by Viking Direct who have amazing offers for stationary of all sorts at low prices of 99p. So do check them out!

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