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The Botanist Trinity Leeds is located right below The Alchemist, its sister and very easy to find off Boar Lane. It is well known for its deli-style rotisserie, barbecue menu with a selection of beers and ales tto choose from. I was offered the chance to review this place which was a delightful opportunity.
It seems hidden away from the world in a dim lit cellar but of course there is the option to eat outside or inside. I chose inside because I wanted to enjoy this particular evening having my meal in the warmth.
Every time I go past it The Botanist it is full of people and I mean proper packed, so it was lovely to actually go in and experience it myself!

Nothing like a pre-meal selfie 🙂 
For starters I chose the ‘Botanist Deli Board’ where you could select four items with Turkish flatbread for (£9.25). I chose: 
Mustard seed and red cabbage coleslaw | Roast Chicken | Somerset Brie | Caesar Salad
This was by far the best bit of the meal for me along with the drinks which I will show you soon. Everything was presented well and complimented each other. The bread was nice and warm and dreamy.
My mum who came along with me had the ‘Houmous board with crudites and flatbread’ (£4.75) which she thought was okay.
For the main course I told my mum she had to try the hanging kebab, the demanding daughter I am lol. She chose beef out of the various meats you could choose from which came with chips (£12.95) and corn for sides (£2.75). When they arrived, the waiter drizzled the kebab with some garlic butter sauce. Yum! Everything looked great and the chips and corn were perfect however the meat was a little tough and rubbery to chew on. In the end she gave up and just tried to enjoy the rest of the meal.
Me on the other hand chose ‘Flatterned Rump seasoned with garlic and chilli salt’ accompanied by seasoned chips. I also got peppercorn sauce on the side. This was all tasty and not something I usually order so a nice change. Very filling and of course I love tomato ketchup so had that aswell!
Grape Raspberry and Elderflower Cooler (£4.50) | Watermelon Dew (£4.50)
I was very impressed with the presentation of these drinks, refreshing and a great choice. 
For dessert she ordered Sticky Toffee Pudding with vanilla ice-cream (£4.75) which is both our guilty pleasure for Saturday nights. She LOVED it!
I picked the hanging banana dessert because I just had to! I usually like battered banana desserts so this ‘skewered banana dipped in coconut and toffee’ seemed even more interesting. It came in the same style of the hanging kebab but with vanilla ice-cream at the bottom (4.75). I had a fun time trying to eat this in a civilised manner but this was DELICIOUS. I know some people are a bit funny about cooking bananas but I would recommend this dessert any day.

This dessert ended the night perfectly. The customer service was great and the drinks were even better.
This is a great place for a chilled out meal with friends or family for lunch or after work drinks. I will definitely go back again.

The Botanist  Trinity Leeds

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