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As you may have seen from my recent post, I recently attended Lush’s Summer Event in Southampton which brought to us exclusives and current favourites. The theme of this was based around ‘The Layer Cake Bar‘ inspired by the Layer Cake Soap.
You can read all about that here!

In this post I will show you what I bought in my recent Lush shopping trip. Below I will feature the items I was kindly gifted from Lush themselves and cannot wait to try.

I will at a later date review my favorite items for an in depth insight into my thoughts of individual bath luxuries.

Here’s what I got!!

Frozen  | Bath Bomb £3.95
Smelling this in the shop just made me want to sing ‘Let it Go’ to the top of my lungs. When the question was posed to me “Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play?” my obvious response was YES! Inspired by the actual movie Frozen, Lush brings to you an enchanted bath bomb that smells and looks like what you would expect from a frozen bath bomb. Silver swirls, sparkles and my favourite smelling ingredients ever… neroli!!! Any blue looking bath fizz I love because it mimics  the clear, beautiful blue sea.

Pink Flamingo | Reusable Bubble Bar £5.95
This bubble Bar on a stick is a bit more pricey due to its reusable properties. After going to the South of France and seeing lots of flamingos… I knew I needed this flamingo in my life. Packed with rosewood fragrance, macadamia nut oil and bergamot leaves you will leave your bath feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Intergalactic | Bath Bomb £3.95
This bath bomb smells so minty and fresh as it contains peppermint  and cedarwood. The swirls replicate the galaxies in outta space, rockets and spaceships. I guess you can let your imagination run wild. Very peculiar as it contains a hint of 80’s aftershave but I do love the smell of it. Cannot wait to use it because the bubbles it created in the shop were immense!

Milky Bath | Bubble Bar £3.75
Treating your skin to a dose of happiness is exactly what this milky bar brings. I find it’s scent extremely calm and great for clearing your mind. Fresh and very clean I think this would be great for a pamper gift package. The orange oil and cocoa butter makes you feel so soft afterwards. I don’t want to crumble and ruin it! I’m curious to see how glittery it makes my bath with it’s sparkly top.

The Comforter | Shower Gel £4.75
Sweet, berrylicious, scrumptious and uplifting comes to mind when smelling this shower gel. I love love love sweet smelling bath gels so this is so dreamy to use and I find a little goes a long way as it is very liquidy. I have to buy a bigger bottle when this is finished as I got the small one to trial it out. The only thing is that I wish it created more bubbles as I like to get lost in it all but I think the smell and colour makes up for it!
WARNING: If you don’t appreciate sickly sweet scents then this product is not for you.

The Experimenter | Bath Bomb £3.95
After seeing The Experimenter being demonstrated I was in awe! The amazing rainbow colours that come out once dropped in the bath is WOW! You can see what it looks like below. Packed with popping candy and fairtrade vanilla… you might want to record it go!! Apparently the end result is a murky green/grey colour due to the multi-coloured bath bomb so enjoy the initial appearance as it happens.

Golden Handshake | Hot Hand Mask £2.95*
This pampering oil when melted in your hands leaves your paws feeling super soft. The essential oils such as argan and avocado is absorbed. Great if you use your hands a lot or tend to over wash them taking most of the natural oils out.

Kinky | Hot Oil Treatment £6.50*
This treatment when melted down and applied to the hair is aimed to hydrate maintain curls and make your hair silky soft again.

Plumps | Solid Conditioner £6.95*
I have never tried any of Lush’s hair products so I am excited to try this conditioner. I am all about conditioners especially when my hair is in braids. I love that it’s pink but it also has a subtle unisex smell so great for both men and women!

Creamy Candy | Bubble Bar £2.95*
This sweet treat which is a close comparison to the scent of candy floss is the definition of lush! Leaving your skin silky smooth, soft and yummy after soaking yourself in the bubbles. I think I love this even more knowing I hand crafted it myself!

Finding out the sad news that The Godmother soap £5.58 will be discontinued was disheartening. So I thought I would stock up and buy some-more for when I run out of the one I am using at the moment.


The gifts I was gifted from Lush Southampton themselves have an (*) next to them. The Experimenter was gifted and bought so I have two in my possession… double fun I think. Obviously not at the same time but imagine that!!  Thanks again Lush!

Have you made any recent Lush purchases?

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