Review: Ritzy Kiss Lashes




When it comes to lashes, the brand KISS is always what I can rely on. There are so many different types of lengths and looks to choose from not to mention the affordable price range.

I was sent some lavish ‘Ritzy‘ lashes to try out
so I will give you my personal opinion on these.

The reason why I love this pair so much is because of the realistic tapered edges. They can look pretty natural blended with your true lashes. The length is medium to long really making your eyes pop. It’s true when they say the ‘New True Volume lashes’ can make lashes, which can’t quite cut it naturally or with mascara, look very full with these extensions.

Made from 100% human hair, adding so much volume to the eyes you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. I have small eyes which I have mentioned before so I slightly trim the strip for a perfect fit. You can always use the excess for infills later.

These lashes do come with some adhesive but I prefer using the DUO one as it lasts longer.

Overall I would like to say these are my new favourite pair of false eyelashes They look super girly and I have them just in time for the Autumn Winter parties coming up. You can use them up to five times but i’m lucky to get up to three uses if I haven’t lost them already :/

And yes I do have purple eyebrows in these photos using the sugarpill palette. Slightly crazy but I like!

You can buy a pair of these lashes in Boots for £4.49* here
There is a buy one get any kiss lash/ nail product for half price currently running so check that out!!

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