MAC Lipstick Current Status Edit

I can go through phases of which is my favourite lip product of choice for that month. This supposedly changes depending on what i’m wearing, how i’m feeling or just based on the sporadic change in the weather!

Current Fave
My current new favourite lipstick, which is shown above, is ‘Whirl’. The creamy moisturising texture is perfect and the pinky-brown hues make for a great girly nude on the lips. I am not a huge fan of matte lipsticks but the shade won me over. Nothing some gloss or vaseline can’t sort out though.

My most used MAC lippy has to be ‘Plumful’. Purples suit me really well so I just find this creamy lip product is always worn generously! I need to re-purchase another one as it is getting very low. I would highly recommend this one!

Wish List
Double Shot / Faux / Syrup

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